Bridging Digital Nations

We work with enterprise and government leaders to future-proof their nations, and bridge digital divides, using a culture-first approach while leveraging blockchain technology.

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What we do

Our digital strategies, designs, and plans are made collaboratively with forward-thinking governments and enterprises. Our projects "future-proof" and insure access for the next generation of digital natives.

Navigate emerging technologies

We help you find and demystify your way through all the noise of emerging technologies such as blockchain, web3, NFTs, DAOs, and more.

Harmonize culture & technology

We teach and apply emerging tools and processes by grounding it with wisdom from the past, plus relevant cultural protocols.

Promote digital skills

We prepare your communities for the emerging future by teaching, guiding, and advising. We use hyper-personalized methods for group facilitation.

Who we help

Faiā works with global partners to envision and strategize opportunities for business and government clients seeking to utilize emerging tech.


Designing bGov (blockchain-based government services) ecosystems for government and developing community digitisation plans.

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Discovering concepts using blockchain-based platforms and exploring industry relevant utility of emerging tech.

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How we help

Digital strategy & advisory

Strategy and advisory on pressing government needs to create digital public services. Exploring digital twins, Web 3.0, blockchain, and more.

Digital village planning

Designing digital roadmaps to train and up-skill your community.

Proof-of-concept discovery

Innovation led workshops and discovery for a hands-on pilot of projects to consider what emerging tech will optimise and future-proof the business.

Digital economic programs

Introduction of programs that economically leverages existing global opportunities on the digitalisation movement, from e-commerce, digital nomads, remote work and more.


"I have had the pleasure to work alongside Faiā on the ground-breaking digital transformation programme in Tuvalu. I have seen first-hand the drive and determination of Faiā to use technology and knowledge, alongside the partnerships they have built over the years, to provide all Tuvaluans with the tools and insight to become leaders and innovators in the use of technology to create a better society. It is the perfect opportunity to showcase Faia’s focus on building better communities and using technology for good. I have thoroughly enjoyed my time working alongside Faiā and I am looking forward to continuing to develop our partnership to deliver the tools for other nations to follow in Tuvalu’s footsteps." ~Simit Naik, nChain

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